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Jun 14, 2012

Art Scene in NY

I have been enjoying going to Art Events in NY lately. Because of the bruise on my right thumb (I'm right handed), I decided to go out and explore the NY art scene and get inspired rather than staying at home and trying to paint.
I have been living in NY for almost two years now. Although there are still so many art places that I haven't visited. For the past several weeks, I went to see Street Art, Artist's Studios, Hi-end Galleries and Museums. Also I met a lot of Artists, Art Students, well known Artists and Sunday Painters. Thorough the conversations with many of the Artists, I deeply felt the gigantic scale of the New York Art Scene and the reason why many artists come to New York from all over the world. Here are some pictures that I was very much inspired by.


Hector Leonardi's Art Opening @Dillon Gallery
I love his colors!! He is a talented lovely man.
彼の色使いが大好きです。とっても才能があり そしてとってもいい人です。

Rachel Kneebone Exhibition @Brooklyn Museum
Very sensual and emotional. Great exhibition!

I like this figure. Costume is made by African printed fabric.
@Brooklyn Museum

My favorite painting from the Brooklyn Museum
by Larry Rivers

Keith Haring Exhibition@Brooklyn Museum
There are so my stylish people in BAM.

Bishop 203's Studio@ Bushwick Open Studio
He is very positive minded! Also his studio is very organized and neat!!

Nieves Saah's Studio@ Bushwick Open Studio
Okay, I love love love her studio. Colors and atmosphere are perfect to me♥

Nieves Saah's Studio@ Bushwick Open Studio
Studio, art works and the artist herself were all lovely.


Paul Du Toit's Studio@ Bushwick Open Studio
Great Artist from South Africa!

Paul Du Toit's Studio@ Bushwick Open Studio
Love his textured line quality!
One of my favorite American Illustration from a Salt package...
but wearing a Christian Louboutin?? How sexy is that.
Mural painting in Bushwick

Love this Illustration! from some street in Bushwick

My first official visit to 5point

I like the white face creature on the right.@ 5point
This mural is quite different from other Graffiti Art.

Nicely designed.@ 5point

May 24, 2012

Wedding Invitation

Hello, there!

I have been working on this wedding invitation and RSVP design last month. Since the bride is from Japan, I created both English and Japanese version. I used a lots of subtle colors for it's design to create dreamy mood which is sometimes difficult to print exact colors that is created by computer. Although the final product came out really well on linen paper. My clients and I are very happy! 
Congratulation for their coming wedding! 




Invitation (English)

Invitation (English)


May 12, 2012

Fashion Doodle

Here are some fashion doodles that I have done lately. These are the outfits that I want to wear this summer! Even though I don't like summer so much, if I think of the summer outfits, I could be excited!This summer might be good♪


Butterfly Magic,  2012 SUMMER

灼熱ノ向日葵、2012 SUMMER
Burning Sunflower,  2012 SUMMER

Ohana no Necklace,  2012 SUMMER
Flower Necklace,  2012 SUMMER

Mar 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St.Patrick's Day for everyone!!
A small painting that I did for today!

Feb 9, 2012

Playing with Colors

Hello, there!

These are my quick small painting that I have been doing.

I love colors♥ Mixing, matching, subtracting and placing...... you can do so many!
Infinite possibility!!

Jan 2, 2012

2012 Zodiac Illustration Series

Happy new 2012, everyone:) Hope you enjoyed your holidays and ready to start your fresh 2012! I had a good Japanese New Year's food (unfortunately not Osechi but soba and ozoni!) so I am so ready!
I'm aiming to produce many many many paintings and designs this year;)

My Zodiac Illustration Series are finally all set!
All done by Mixed Media 8"x10"on my original canvas board. Hope you like your sign!


去年から進めていた、星座のイラストレーションシリーズがやっと完成しました。すべて8 inch x 11 inch、オリジナルのキャンバスボードにミックスメデアで描いております。気に入っていただけたら嬉しいです!

Dec 24, 2011

Happy Holidays♪

Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season and A Happy 2012 to all!!

8"x10" Mixed Media