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May 24, 2012

Wedding Invitation

Hello, there!

I have been working on this wedding invitation and RSVP design last month. Since the bride is from Japan, I created both English and Japanese version. I used a lots of subtle colors for it's design to create dreamy mood which is sometimes difficult to print exact colors that is created by computer. Although the final product came out really well on linen paper. My clients and I are very happy! 
Congratulation for their coming wedding! 




Invitation (English)

Invitation (English)


May 12, 2012

Fashion Doodle

Here are some fashion doodles that I have done lately. These are the outfits that I want to wear this summer! Even though I don't like summer so much, if I think of the summer outfits, I could be excited!This summer might be good♪


Butterfly Magic,  2012 SUMMER

灼熱ノ向日葵、2012 SUMMER
Burning Sunflower,  2012 SUMMER

Ohana no Necklace,  2012 SUMMER
Flower Necklace,  2012 SUMMER