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Jan 28, 2009

Pualine and Matches

This illustration is of a bedtime story
you don't want to tell your children.

Red Hair Girl

Something quick in Painter.

Psychedelic Poster

Another 60's illustration.
Flower Children once again.

" If you come to San Francisco,
be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.
by Scott MacKenzie "

60's Hair

60's.... good age.
I really wish I were in 60's.
But at least I have big hair naturally so it's OK.

Adobe Illustrator

The Gate

Acrylic on canvas and leather.

Trap butterflies and escape from the world.

Jan 27, 2009


Acrylic on board.


Acrylic on canvas.

Death of Sign

Acrylic on canvas.

Spiritual Movement

Acrylic on canvas.

Dressing Room

Acrylic on canvas.

Marmaid in the Dark Sky

Acrylic on canvas


My first acrylic painting from Kazu's class.


From LA trip.
Me and my S California cuties.
From Mexico trip.


From some magazines and my brain.
Costume design is the one of my favorite thing.


From workshop.

The Biker

My neighbor, Mr. Hide.