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Apr 18, 2011

Jackson County High School in Tennessee

On April 14th, I and my boyfriend, Pete Diedrich, also an artist, were invited to the Jackson County High School in Tennessee. It was for the class for special education to do the portraiture of the student. I don't know how much they absorb how to do the portrait by my demo but I was happy to share the time and art with them. It was great to actually see their smile by doing a portrait.
"Kids with special needs aren't weird or odd. They only want what everyone wants... to be accepted. To be happy. " said Wendy Baker, the teacher of the class.
I appreciate that all the student has own unique way to express themselves:) It was pure and honest.

Apr 5, 2011

"My own Theme"

4月1日から10日まで、神楽坂パルスギャラリーで"My own Theme"というグループ展に参加しています。もしよかったら覗いてみてください。残念ながら、私はニューヨークにいて会場に行く事が出来ないので、どんな様子だったか聞かせていただけると嬉しいです。

I have a painting in the group show called "My own Theme" at Kagurazaka Pulse Gallery, Tokyo on April 1st to 10th. Please visit if you are around Tokyo! That will be nice if you could tell me how is the show like since I'm in New York and not be able to visit the show. I wish I could go beck to Japan!

神楽坂 パルスギャラリー

Kagurazaka Pulse Gallery
2-21 Kagurazaka Shinjyuku, Tokyo

tel: 03-3260-1349
Sun 11AM-5PM

Apr 1, 2011

Good Coffee meets Art

I want to thank for all the people who came to my show, the models who gave me great inspirations and the Cafe Grumpy Park Slope! I'm glad that I got many good comments for the paintings. I personally love the time that you can have a cup of tasty coffee (very important)and enjoy artwork at the same time. Hope you all enjoyed that time!

ショーに来てくださった皆さん、よいインスピレーションを下さったモデルの方々、そして今回場所を貸していただいたCafe Grumpy Park Slopeの方々、どうもありがとうございました。たくさんの人からコメントをいただき、とても嬉しかったです。個人的に、おいしい珈琲を飲みながら、アートを楽しむ時間がとても好きなので、そんな一時を味わっていただけたのならば、とても幸いです。

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