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Apr 16, 2008

Mr. Bill Sanchez

Oil painting. He is my favorite teacher in my school. He is great and I like his style a looot♥


Emerson said...

that's a really nice painting :D are you taking figure painting this semester?

Albert Ramos said...

Very nice paintings!

I want to see what you are doing in Zhaoming's class.

DerMidlet said...

Hi Akane! I found your blog :) Lots of beautiful work here, but you need to update more often :p

goRan said...

Bill was my favorite instructor too. What a great teacher!

Akane said...

Emerson >
Thanks. I took a figure painting class long time ago.
Albert Ramos>
Gracias. I will show my painting from zhaoming's class soon.
DerMidlet >
Hi, Daichi!
Yeah,I know.
I will update my blog soon.
goRan >
Yeah, he is great.