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Oct 19, 2011

Fall Walking

"Fall Walking"
Original Illustration in Digital

The most recent Illustration project that I did, "Fall Walking", was for Traditional Home Magazine.
On October 5th, there was a Holiday House Kick-off party. The Holiday House is the designer table top showhouse in the Upper East side. That was a gorgeous gorgeous house and event! ! I'm really happy to be involved this project! My illustration was used for Benjamin Moore's Paint-by-Number project with the new color line called "Color Story". I painted on the wall in the main room of the Holiday House.It was actually the room from the Sex and the City movie , Carrie and Big's new room that they were going to live in together! As a big fan of the Sex And The City, I was honored to paint my illustration on the wall :) I started painting from 9:30 AM and finished at 8PM. It was the largest painting I did ever and in the shortest time that I painted a mural!

Started painting at 10am!
40 colors of paint from Benjamin Moore!
My Assistant, Pete.

Me painting...
Introducing the show by Publisher Beth Brenner
Maurice DuBois from CBS 2 News, Me, and Holiday House founder Iris Dankner
Photo from Traditional Home Magazine
Maurice DuBois participating in the paint-by-number project
Photo from Traditional Home Magazine
Finally Done! 8pm

Mural Painting "Fall Walking" 4'x7'


Xiao Mei Lin said...

It look so pretty. It look like a very fun process too. I never in my life painted something that big. Great job Akane.

Xiao Twins

Akane Ogura said...

Xiao Twins, thank you:) It was great experience! I really like panting large and hope to have more project like this in the future!