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Sep 4, 2010

Big Apple, Big Change

So I moved to New York from San Francisco. It has been two month already... time flies so fast!
Finding a new apartment, getting rid of my furniture in SF and getting new furniture in NY, sending and receiving tones of boxes, and fling with a lots of baggage,settling down my new place, oh, man, that was big moving... Saying good-bye to San Francisco where I had spent my life for five years and having a distance to my good friends were sad but I'm happy that I got a chance to move another city. Especially, City like New York! This is the one of the city I wanted to live once in my life.
Living in New York reminds me my life in Tokyo, the weather, crowd, subway, tones of restaurants and bars till the morning and the colour of the sky. Although NY has more various people and culture from different countries from all over the world which make me exited. It is even interesting to me to actually live and see the differences between the people in Southern California, Bay Area, and New York. I still don't know where I fit, but I appreciate the own charm from each city.

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